What are courageous hearts?  How do they manifest in the world?  What does it look like? Feel like?
We want to build courageous hearts, so over the course of the next few months we'll share examples of courageous hearts when we find them, through a series of posts called "Courageous hearts...".  Make sure to follow us on social media so you can be the first to know when we've discovered a new heart filled with courage!  We've created a "Courageous hearts..." board on Pinterest where we'll keep an on-going collection of our posts.  Below are the first of many to come.

Students from Newton, CT:  Courageous hearts speak.
Caine: Courageous hearts persist-- against all odds.
Shortly before the New Year, Pinterest asked people to share their plans for 2013 in the way of a pin.  courageous heARTS submitted the picture below, which links to Lindsay's blog post, Building Courage.  Hundreds of people submitted their pins and our's was one of only 42 that were selected for The Pinterest Challenge board!

If that isn't exciting enough, this pin grew exponentially in popularity! 900+ repins and over 200 "likes", make it is clear that we all have a desire to listen to our hearts-- no matter the odds.  Our heads and our hearts often dance, but hearts filled with courage take the lead.  

Give today, and help us build courageous heARTS-- so we can build courage, build community, and build leaders